by raventhorn

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released January 3, 2017



all rights reserved


raventhorn Florida

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Track Name: Isaiah 57:8
churches are empty
homeless on the streets
freezing in the cold
dying in their sleep

why not open you doors
to house those in need
an abundance of refuge
yet you choose not to see

-is it not to share your bread with the hungry
and bring the homeless poor in to your house;
when you see the naked, cover him, and not to
hide yourself from your own flesh?

so many lies and excuses
are your reasons why
so remains vacant mansions
with no room to try
Track Name: The Human Herd
alarm goes off, rise from your bed
same routine, you're weak in the head
no clue you hate your life
2 cars, the kids, house and a wife

-I see no gods
I obey no masters

led to believe this is the way
livin' the "dream" day after day
all your life you believe the lies your fed
you think you're living but you're already dead

+the dehumanized leaders run the show
while the dehumanized mass subscribe to it!

religion is a business, politics the same
vile corporations run all the games
you're brainwashed and don't trust the truth
wake up they're lying to you
Track Name: Corporate Swine
what the fuck is wrong with you
how can people be so cruel
your farms have destroyed so many lives
corporate systems live while eco-systems die

-you are the swine
a pestilence of mankind
this plague of negligence
be damned
and you system annihilated!

living in shit and piss with no fresh air
how the fuck do you just not care
born with no chance of peace in life
a miserable existence til the day they die
Track Name: Imperial Whores
your footprints are toxic
on your path to capital gain
continuing to destroy
even though you've walked away

extinction of animals
is where man began
now Mother Earth
will go extinct
by your lethal hands

-you are whores
a repulsive bread
ejaculating with the hand of greed

you expect us to watch
our Mother being raped
beaten and abused for profit
day after day

global empires expand
at her expense
but the cancer you gave her
will be her vengeance